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Player is The Yolk's first application
Desktop for applications and links
Desktop for applications and links
Player - Artist View
Player - Artist View
Player - Album View
Player - Album View

The Yolk

THE YOLK is a modular browser for data driven applications

Combining Electron, Elasticsearch and AngularJS affords developers a familiar environment and a framework which accepts modular, drop-in applications.

Player is The Yolk's first default application and a seriously fun music player. It searches for music sources locally, on Youtube and the Internet Archive and then does it's magic by constructing rich metadata from Musicbrainz, Wikipedia, Discogs and other sources.This is an endless, free, legal jukebox that provides an unique experience exploring and enjoying your musical taste.

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A multimedia story viewer
Intuitive editorial interface
intuitive editorial interface
Easy media embeds
Easy media embeds


"Aesop" is an editorial framework for creating multimedia rich stories in a format inspired by "The Guardian"'s Firestorm.

It has an intuitive editorial interface that makes it easy to grab multimedia resources straight from the web and implement it into your story.

Embed code into any website and your storys can come alive across the web.

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City by usage over all levels
City by occupancy
City by occupancy
City by street
City by street
City by unit
City by unit


"City" is a proof of concept product that provides a framework for the presentation and consumption of geospatial information. It is targeted at organisations such as town and city councils and aims to allow them to open up data about the city to a wide audience and enable a transparent planning dialouge.

"City" is built on Free and Open Source tools such as Openlayers, Postgresql and Angular JS. It is a FOSS product and strives to become the Drupal or Wordpress of online GIS.

You can try out the proof of concept:

Explore Tipperary Website Explore Tipperary Website
Item page with editor logged in
Explore Tipperary Website
Contextual editorial interface for each item
Explore Tipperary Website

Explore Tipperary

The South Tipperary Development Company needed to amalgamate and promote the various activities available in the region. It was important that these could be edited and geolocated easily by their editorial staff.

I used the Drupal 7 content management system with integrated Openlayers mapping library to create a custom editorial workflow. The editors have full control over mapping, creation, ordering and publishing of content using a singular content type.

Aggregation and presentation of all items on the maps and index pages are handled automatically.

Drawout Website Drawout Website
An artist portfolio page
Drawout Artist Page


Drawout brought internationally and locally renowned urban artists to Limerick City as part of the National City Of Culture year. They needed to present works both in a local and international context.

This was achieved by creating an online portfolio space where each artist can add their work and geo-locate it. Strong editorial functions give each artist and the site editor control over the content.

The reader can explore content by geography, project or artist with an intuitive information relationship


Artist Christina Gangos needed a website to accompany her outdoor video projection installation. She had captured a series of subjects in the repose of thought.

The website introduces each subject in a series of slides on a single page website. This is consumeable across all screen sizes and formats with an intuative side menu which does not detract from the focus on the subject.

Imager Website
Webpage images scraped and presented
Imager Website
Individual images in a slideshow
Imager Website
User management sytem in modals
Imager Website


Imager allows a user to input URL's and it collects all the images from the page, presenting it as a portfolio of images. It remembers the pages without storing the images, so it is a lightweight and copyright safe way of building an online image library.

I build this as an exercise in asynchronous client side applications, internet data scraping, server side data storage and user management.


Michael Jonker

I am Michael Jonker, a freelance developer, designer and architect. I have worked in design for over 20 years across the disciplines of web development, IT system admin and architecture. I hold a bachelor's and honours degree in design and architecture.

I live in the city of Limerick, Ireland and work anywhere with a reliable internet connection. I work with clients directly or as a freelance developer for agencies. Please contact me if you have a project to develop.


Information is a commodity. I believe in understanding what needs to be said, understanding what needs to be found and connecting the two. I try to avoid all other distractions, and purge them out iteratively till the product is as clear as possible.


Understanding the task enables me to seek the best tools for the job. These are generally at the highest level of abstraction to get the job done reliably, robustly and economically. I believe in Libre software and standards.

Art, Graphics and Content

I work with creative people who have the vision and skills for a specific project or create media myself where appropriate. Getting the user experience right is a priority. It is satisfying to translate visual magic into code.


Michael Jonker
00353 (0)87 2398982